Friday, 8 July 2016

pictures hile to versey trekking

Hile to Versey is a santuray trek in the lap of eastern Himalaya. We did this in 2016 first week of May. It is situated in Western Sikkim near the line of control with Nepal. Its base point is Hile from there 4KM trek.
sun riase at Hile
in front of trekers hut in Hile
official mape of  Hile Versey trekking rout

do & do nots in santuary
Rules of santuary
trekking trails
trekking trails
prayer wheels of "om mani padme hum"
water resirvor near Versey
Guras kung
camping ground of  Versey
bord of forest guard
hill top or sunrise point
U can also watch flowers & creaters of Sikkim in youtube. Hile to Versey trekking video. Versey to Gorkhey trekking.

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Friday, 28 February 2014

Canon SX150IS picture shooting mode

friends (friends for ever in life beyond life)

Please keep attention if you have Cannon SX150IS camera - shooting modes / special scene modes.

Smart AUTO
:The camera automatically selects the best shooting settings for optimal 
based on subjects and environmental factors to provide point-and-shoot 
Kids & Pets
:Reduced focusing time freezes fast-moving subjects, so you won't miss those 
special shots.
:The camera sets a large aperture, focusing the subject and artistically blurring the background to make your subject “pop.”
:You have complete contrl of exposure, selecting both aperture and shutter speed manually.   
Low Light
:For high quality image capture in an amazing range of dimly-lit situations.
Toy Camera Effect
:Simulates photos taken with "toy" or pinhole cameras, darkening the image at the 
edges to create a vignette effect.
Poster Effect
;Poster Effect combines several similar shades into one color, turning subtle 
gradations into eye-catching, scene-popping contrasts.
:Beach Get clear shots of people at a sunny beach without darkened faces.
:Grab brilliant images of skyrocketing fireworks.
:You set the aperture, controlling depth-of-field. The camera automatically 
selects the shutter speed.   
:Access advanced exposure compensation features while shooting mostly 
Fisheye Effect
:Add a classic photo distortion without a fisheye lens.
:You select the shutter speed to stop or blur action, and the camera finds the 
appropriate aperture. With slow exposure times, Canon's noise reduction 
system activates to ensure low image noise.
:Choose from three single-tone effects: Black-and-White, Sepia, or Blue.
Color Accent
:Choose to retain a single color in your image while other colors turn 
:Capture brilliant shots of autumn foliage, greenery and blossoms.
:Increases depth-of-field for sharp and sweeping landscape shots.   
Movie Digest
:Records a video clip before capturing a still image and then combines 
 one day’s worth of clips into a video.
Smart Shutter
:The camera automatically takes the photo when people smile, wink, 
or get into frame.
Discreet Mode
:Disables flash, AF assist beam, and all camera sounds with one 
mode dial setting — so you can capture images in quiet areas.
Miniature Effect for Movies & Stills
:Emphasizes perspectives for a miniature effect by blurring upper and 
 bottom portions of the image.
Super Vivid Super
:Vivid intensifies existing hues, saturating the scene with bright colors.
Color Swap
:Select a color and replace it with a color you specify for special effects.
:Shoot clear snow scenes without darkened subjects or an unnatural
 bluish tint.
iFrame Movie
:The Apple® movie format, iFrame, makes it easier and quicker to import 
 and upload videos while retaining high image quality.
:Record video in stereo sound. Unwanted scenes can be deleted in 
 playback mode.
Easy Mode 

:In Easy mode, shooting is simple and relaxed—the camera handles 
all the settings automatically.